SMPTE AG 10:2022
SMPTE Administrative Guideline

Liaisons Delegates Rapporteurs



SMPTE (the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) is an internationally-recognized standards developing organization. Headquartered and incorporated in the United States of America, SMPTE has members in over 80 countries on six continents. SMPTE’s Engineering Documents, including Standards, Recommended Practices, and Engineering Guidelines, are prepared by SMPTE’s Technology Committees. Participation in these Committees is open to all with a bona fide interest in their work. SMPTE cooperates closely with other standards-developing organizations, including ISO, IEC and ITU. SMPTE Engineering Documents are drafted in accordance with the rules given in its Standards Operations Manual.

This Standards Administrative Guideline forms an adjunct to the use and interpretation of the SMPTE Standards Operations Manual. In the event of a conflict, the Operations Manual shall prevail.

1 Scope

This Administrative Guideline sets forth various details in support of the Standards Operations Manual, Section 8, “Liaisons, Delegates and Rapporteurs” specifically including the lists of organizations, delegates and rapporteurs.

2 Procedures

2.1 General

AG-10 comprises this document that lists the organizations and the contacts plus the following two elements:

The purpose of this separation is as follows:

The Standards Operations Manual states that the Director of Engineering maintains this AG. This task may be delegated.

As the information in the tables is a matter of factual accuracy only and does not alter the operation of the Standards program or the Standards Committee, the tables themselves in all the parts of this AG are maintained analogous to an “administrative register” - they are updated from time to time and posted without Standards Committee approval. Changes to non-tabular parts of this document require Standards Committee approval. The following procedures shall guide the maintenance of the tables:

2.2 Adding New Organizations

New organizations should be added when either:

  1. SMPTE enters into a written liaison agreement with another organization; or
  2. SMPTE has transmitted or received a liaison communication from a new organization.

2.3 Deleting Organizations

Organizations should be deleted when either: 1) a formal liaison agreement terminates; or 2) there has been no communication with the organization in at least two years. The latter does not apply to organizations with which we have a formal liaison agreement in effect.

2.4 Updating Information

Information should be updated periodically as needed when appointments and contact information details change.

2.5 Notifications to ST

The Standards Committee shall be notified in advance of the following events:

  1. A new organization is added; or
  2. An organization is deleted.

3 Organizations, Delegates and Rapporteurs

Organization Org Contact @ SMPTE SMPTE Role
3GPP 3GPP Liaison Officer
AES Richard Cabot Kent Terry
Brian Vessa
AMWA Brad Gilmer
ASA Peter Dahl Russ Berger Rapporteur
ATSC Madeleine Noland Dave Siegler HOD
BDA Mike DeValue
CTA Brian Markwalter Mike Dolan
DCI Sterling Silva
DVB TM-AVC Virginie Drugeon
EBU Audio: Paola Sunna
Video: Frans de Jong
AI: Alexandre Rouxel
Networks: Ievgen Kostiukevych
Networks: Pavlo Kondratenko
Security: Lucille Verbaere
Hans Hoffmann HOD
IEC TC100 Tadashi Ezaki Hideki Ohtaka Rapporteur
IEEE P1588 Doug Arnold
Rodney Cummings
Thomas Kernen
IEEE P1722a Aaron Gelter
InfoComm Ann Brigida
John Murray
John Murray Rapporteur
ISO SC29 Mayumi Koike
Walt Husak
Mike Dolan
Walt Husak
Mike Dolan
ISO TC36 Thomas Bause Mason Mike Dolan HOD
ISO TC42 Michael D. Smith Michael D. Smith
ITU-R Emma Norton Viard Thomas Bause Mason HOD
JT-NM Bob Ruhl Bruce Devlin HOD
NABA Michael McEwen
SCTE DVS Paul Hearty
Dean Stoneback
Rebecca Yaletchka
UHD Forum Pat Griffis Pat Griffis Rapporteur
W3C Atsushi Shimono
Philippe Le Hégaret
Mike Dolan Rapporteur